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Chris (and Nam) Go to Costa Rica

This is a travelogue that documents my trip to Costa Rica in October 2005. The basic reason that I am posting this thing is so my friends and family can see some photos of my trip without being subjected to a long, boring slide show. I made up similar pages when I went to Peru in 1998, and France in 2001, people seemed to like those, so I'm doing it again.

In addition, some tourists who find themselves going to Costa Rica may find it helpful as sort of a guide. It isn't designed to replace a guide book, but maybe you can use it to decide on which things are worth seeing, and which things aren't.

The story is split into a number of parts, based on the different areas of Costa Rica that we visited. The three main landmarks that we went to see were the waterfalls at La Paz, the volcano at Arenal, and the rainforest at Manuel Antonio National Park. I've also included an optional section on general information about Costa Rica, and a special bonus section.:

Part 1: Getting Ready, and General Information

Part 2: La Paz Waterfalls

Part 3: Arenal Volcano

Part 4: Manuel Antonio National Park

Part 5: Chris and Nam get stuck in Miami (bonus section!)

Just click on the region you want to view.

If you are thinking of going to Peru instead of Costa Rica, see my Peru Page.

If you are thinking of going to Southern France instead of Costa Rica, see my France Page.

If for some reason you think that I'm a great writer, and you like scary, conspiracy-laden, psychological thrillers (think DaVinci Code), you can read my novel, City of Pillars, published by The Invisible College Press. It has nothing to do with Costa Rica though. PS: I use my middle name as my nom de plume, but it's still me.

If for some reason you want to read my creepy, melancholy, darkly-humorous photocomic, just click on this link for tiny ghosts. Unlike the book, this is totally free! However, it also doesn't have anything to do with Costa Rica.

I don't really have a lot more information than what's written in here, but if you want to contact me about something, mail me at:

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