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Chris Goes to the Butterfly Garden

Yellow butterfly.

Orange butterfly.

This is a view of the butterfly garden. It's bigger than a football field. It's hard to get the full effect with a still photo because there were butterflies flitting about all over the place. Word is that they have weddings on this platform I'm standing on. You can't fit many people here, but it does make a nice backdrop.

Nam and Chris in the butterfly garden.

Mighty big leaves they've got there. They actually call this an umbrella plant (for obvious reasons)

Big blue butterfly. This is a 'morpho' butterfly. The other side of their wings are gray with what look like giant eyes. This deters predators. It was tough to get a photo of their blue parts.

This caterpillar was as long as your middle finger. But, if you want pretty butterflies, you have to put up with these things crawling around everywhere.

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