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Chris Goes to the Peace Lodge

The view from our balcony at Peace Lodge.

This is the bathroom, or at least part of it. Can you find Nam in this picture?

Nam enjoys some coffee in our room.

A view of our hotel room. The Peace Lodge consists of a bunch of these villas and a main building with a restaurant in it.

Nam walks from the room to the front desk.

The internet terminal is located at the bar.

To be clever, the Peace Lodge management gave the rooms butterfly names instead of numbers. This made it almost impossible to remember what room we were in since instead of #108, we were in the "Dryadula phaetusa" room. In addition, they kept calling Nam 'Ms. Nan' and called me Mr. Nan. Nam says: Every time we went to dinner, they would ask us which room we were in so they could charge dinner to the room. It wasn't until the last day that I could remember the name of our room without looking at our key.

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