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Chris Goes to the La Paz Waterfalls

The path to the waterfalls was safe, but steep. I wouldn't suggest it if you are afraid of stairs.

The rushing river.

More of the trail to the waterfalls. Other than the nice path, you really feel like you are a million miles from civilization.

The first of the falls.

Maybe you didn't believe me when I said that there were a lot of stairs, but let me reiterate - there were a lot of stairs.

Nam would like to invite you to enjoy the falls.

A view of the falls from a bit further out. You can see the balcony from the previous pic from a distance.

There are five falls in a row, this is the view from the top of one of the lowest falls.

Flowers growing precariously at the water's edge.

Look closely at this photo. It seems that they had a bridge that crossed the raging river and it collapsed. So instead of removing it they just built a second bridge over the ruins of the first. Doesn't really fill me with confidence. Nam says: We ended up crossing this bridge on our way out of La Paz to Arenal.

Nam enjoys the falls.

Chris teetering close to the edge of the river.

Another view of the falls.

Chris pretends he's like Tarzan.

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