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Chris Goes to the Carrera Wildlife Reserve

Everywhere you go in the rain forest you'll see streams of leafcutter ants running about. They take the leaves back to their nests, but there are lots of them, all walking across the paths in lines. Industrious little fellows.

There was a whole tribe of capuchin monkeys hanging out in the trees only a few feet above our heads.

More monkeys.

Still more monkeys.

The rare and infamous thumb lizard. The guide showed that you can make a lizard fall asleep by blowing on it. Strange.

A lot of people keep these green parrots as pets. But it's rare to see them live in the wild.

Another species of parrot. This one has a red face.

They call this a 'Jesus Christ Lizard'. It can run across water for short distances. This one was just sunning itself. Later we saw a different one run across some water.


This centipede was about 6 inches long.

Nam and Chris cross a bridge.

The guide, who was an amateur bird watcher was very excited to see this bird. I think he called it a Jakdaw or a Jakamaw or something like that.

Even more monkeys.

But c'mon, who ever gets tired of looking at pictures of monkeys?

Nobody that's who. Everybody likes monkeys.

The infamous coatimundi. It's like a raccoon. We saw a bunch in the forest as well. Coatimundis have this uncanny natural ability to always turn their backs on anyone trying to take their photo.

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