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Chris Goes to the Damas Island Mangrove Forest

They said that the tour was a mangrove forest, but technically it was a river boat tour just offshore of a mangrove forest. The mangroves all grow in a giant wetland. There were crocodiles.

There were also snakes. The guide offered to let us pick it up, but we decided we didn't need to do that. Nam says: The guides had eagle eyes. We'd be driving by a bunch of trees, and they'd back the boat up because they saw a snake in the branches. Even when we got close up and they pointed towards the snake, we had trouble finding it in the branches.

The view from the boat.

The boat enters the mangrove forest.

Mangrove trees have this intense root system that allows them to stay standing even with unstable soil and strong winds. There are 5 different kinds of mangroves that grow there, but I couldn't tell you which one this is.

Costa Rica is completely infested with iguanas.

There were also a lot of birds.

We saw a turtle sunning itself on the rocks.

I wouldn't swim around here if I was you...

Nam enjoys a snack as the boat goes past some houses on Damas Island.

There were millions of tiny crabs in the mangrove forest. They were all different colors. Unfortunately they kept running and hiding behind trees when we went by.

A nice photo of the dock on Damas Island.

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