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Chris Goes to Manuel Antonio National Park

At high tide, a foot or two of water covers the path that goes into the park. Enterprising people with boats will ferry you across for some spare change. Nam says: They piled all 10 or so of us into one boat. We thought we'd sink at any moment.

Manuel Antonio National Park is basically a forest on a beach. Offshore there are some interesting rock formations. This one is supposed to look like a turtle, but I didn't see it.

The trees on the beach were filled with monkeys, even though it was a dreary day. The monkeys were all eating fruit. These are capuchin monkeys and they are larger and less endangered than the brown squirrel monkeys that were hanging out at the hotel.

Another view of the monkey.

Here's the beach. When the weather is nice, it's filled with sunbathers.

Nam on the beach.

Nam and Chris on the beach.

Here's a sloth way up high in a tree. Sloths are cool in theory, but when you see them in the wild they don't really do all that much.

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