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Chris Goes to the Tarcoles River

An iguana hides in the brush.

A crane takes wing over the river.

Two blue herons wait for some fish to come by.

A spoonbill wanders the riverbank.

These are stilt-birds. They have extra long legs for walking in muck. Nam thought they were quite funny.

Life on the Tarcoles River.

The Tarcoles River was positively infested with crocodiles. We must have seen 20 of them. I'd strongly suggest that you don't swim there.

This is "Typhoon", he's one of the biggest crocodiles in the area. He's 17 feet long. 17 freaking feet! What was even more amazing than Typhoon was the boat driver. That guy is totally insane...

He jumped out of the boat, kicked Typhoon in the side, and fed him a fish! I was worried that if he got eaten I wouldn't be able to drive the boat home. I think he does this sort of thing a lot though.

A swallow skims the water looking for bugs to eat.

Another view of the river.

Another spoonbill.

There were as many crocodiles on the Tarcoles Riverbank as there were monkeys in Carara.

They even had baby crocodiles.

This crocodile is so lazy he won't even hunt. He's just sitting there with his mouth open hoping something jumps inside.

An osprey.

Mountains in this distance.

Scarlet Macaws in the wild. That's something you don't see very often.

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