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Chris Gets Stuck in Miami

So, we were ready to leave Costa Rica and get back to the US. I spend a lot of time on the internet and I was dying to check my email, plus I was ready to sleep in my own bed. Nam was ready to go home too.

The pretty much only city in Costa Rica that really has international flights is San Jose. (Liberia does too, but there is no reason to fly into/out of Liberia unless you are going to be staying up in that remote region) It's a long drive to San Jose from Quepos, so the travel agent suggested that we just take a local flight on Sansa Airlines.

Quepos 'Airport' has to be the shadiest airport I've ever been in. I'm not even sure I'd even call it an airport, it was more of a shack next to a roadway. Nam checked us in, and they didn't even give us a boarding pass or check our ID's when we got on the plane.

Click here to see some pictures of the Quepos 'Airport'.

Despite the airport, the flight was fine. It was safe and quick. Interestingly the Quepos 'airport' didn't have any security, you could bring any kind of bomb you'd like on the plane. So, when it landed in San Jose, it actually landed outside the airport's security perimeter. We had to get our luggage and then carry it down the road half a block to the 'real' airport.

It's difficult to get news when you are in Costa Rica. I didn't see a US paper while I was there, internet access was available but slow, and there wasn't access to US television (or in the case of Si Como No, no television at all). Before we left, I knew that a hurricane was headed towards Miami, but it was scheduled to hit land on Sunday, and I was flying back to the states the following Wednesday, so I didn't expect it to be a problem.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. It turned out that no planes were leaving Miami that day (more on that later), so, while we could fly into Miami, we'd be stuck there overnight. Now, if they had told us that in the Quepos 'Airport' I would have suggested spending another day at Si Como No and going back to the park, but by this point we were already in San Jose. So, the choice was spend the night in San Jose, or Miami. I figured that Miami would be the better choice. They speak better English there, they have US television, etc. We decided to take the flight into Miami, get a hotel in South Beach and have a tasty dinner.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. It seems that the reason no flights were leaving Miami was that large portions of the city still didn't have power or water and there was a curfew! And this was like 4 days after the hurricane had struck. Luckily Nam was quite resourceful and was able to find us a hotel. However, it was one near the airport. There would be no walks on the beach or tasty dinner in a fancy South Beach restaurant. South Beach was completely blacked out.

To make matters worse, the hotel we stayed at (the Hilton) had just gotten their power and water restored that morning and they weren't really ready for guests yet. The hotel restaurant was only half functional, and there wasn't any television or internet access available. In many ways we had more creature comforts back in Costa Rica. Anyway, we ate quickly and went to bed. The next morning we slept in and caught the afternoon plane back to DC.

Click here to see some pictures of the Miami Hilton.

So, I guess that's about it then. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

The End

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